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   Biblical Perspective CD 1

Biblical Perspective CD 1 PROF. BACCHIOCCHI'S DVD ALBUM containing 10 video power point lectures on the SABBATH/ADVENT SEMINAR.

 This DVD album contains 10 live and dynamic PowerPoint presentations on the Sabbath and Second Advent. With the help of about 1000 slides, I share the highlights of my Sabbath/Sunday research done at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. You will be able to see some of the significant documents and pictures of the popes who played a leading role in changing the Sabbath to Sunday. You will be inspired also by the practical meditations on how to keep the Sabbath to gain the greatest blessings out of it. You can enjoy in the privacy of your home these informative and inspiring lectures, which I present every weekend in different parts of the world. Many have told me that this album has proven to be the most powerful tool to witness to friends about the Sabbath.


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